I hold a Bachelor's in Arts  with emphasis in Museum Studies and a Minor in Art Conservation.   I worked as a conservator's assistant  for the preservation and restoration of the Capitol building in Caracas, Venezuela. In addition, part of my work experience included organizing museum and gallery displays for prestigious institutions like The National Gallery of Art and The Institution for the Preservation of Cultural Heritage.  

My interest in Italian plasters began in 1998 after I joined a workshop. I learned the techniques and intricate ways to embellish a space. I started creating distinguished finishing techniques for walls in private residences and commercial spaces. I believe decorative painting with authentic Venetian plaster will transform any room in your home or business into a one-of-a-kind work of art, imparting a sensual texture and color that is impossible to achieve with paint or any faux finishing. In contrast to faux painting and faux plaster, authentic Italian lime plaster is not only beautiful, elegant, and classically appealing, but also one of the most eco-friendly and natural plaster wall finishes. It goes with any decorative style, improves your home’s appearance and value, and will last a lifetime.

The services I provide require expertise. I have 20 years of experience providing this beautiful work. It is important for potential clients to understand that working with tinted plaster isn't just painting a wall, but creating an artistic and unique work. My goal is to satisfy my clients’ interior and style taste, but most, to share the work I so passionately love and enjoy.

Pricing is per sq. foot and custom per scope.



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